About Jordan

the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
From the speech of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect him, at the opening of the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and Africa..
"Jordan is committed to achieving a prosperous future, turning into a project that begins to develop projects and start businesses, and trade crafts specialized by the labor market, ...".
Jordan has always fascinated travelers in the past and attracted them from all over the world, and today it is 2014 in attracting visitors with its vibrant modern look, charming nature and unique monuments.
Jordan's strategic location in the Middle East region, makes it an investment in Jordan to invest in the Middle East in addition to excellent politics and economics that help the growth and prosperity of their businesses.
Jordan's foreign policy derives its general key from the philosophy of economic openness to the world and positivity in dealing with trading partners, which is based on parity and the achievement of common goals.
Jordan has come a long way on the path of trade and commerce to the paradise of commercial market mechanisms, commercial investment plans and productivity.
Today, Jordan has become at the forefront of the countries of the world participating in the experiment of economic openness, which was respected by all, and it embodied a high model in trade policy characterized by innovation that transcends the limitations of its physical and natural capabilities. In a record time, Jordan was able to strengthen its economic and trade relations with the brotherly Arab countries, and entered into a partnership agreement with the European Union and free trade with the United States of America, after achieving partial participation in global trade. These developments expand your brand profiles and well-being.